Document  Workflow | Print Management

Our dynamic company offers a one-stop office solution for the professional and commercial markets throughout Africa. We provide portfolio document management, business process automation, print management and cost recovery solutions from the world’s leading software developers and manufacturers.

Since its inception in 2002 as the official distributor of Equitrac Print management and cost recovery software for Sub Saharan Africa, DAS has successfully established itself as the leading distributor of exceptional print and document management software. At the core of its offering lies a support structure that ensures a consistently high level of service excellence.



From entry point to archiving, ours is an entire office solution in document management, print management and cost recovery. The hand-picked range of award-winning products for technology, innovation and service when harnessed together constitute an efficient ecosystem in the workplace.



DAS strives to continuously provide the best-of-breed products, together with our reputation of a functional world-class support system to our resellers and vendors. By providing the tools to empower productivity and creativity in the workplace, we believe in helping people to work more intelligently. Our forward-thinking approach ensures our clients are constantly on the forefront of leading edge technology in document workflow and print management  software.



From our trusted and long-standing brands such as Equitrac and FMAudit, to our latest products such as Square 9, DocAssess, AutoStore, Output Manager and Everyone Print that are already leading the industry , all have a far-reaching global customer base. What truly sets them apart from the rest is their ability to continually set new standards and lead the field in their respective niches.



By minimising waste, controlling print usage, and monitoring and tracking the document process, technology has the ability to discard the attitude of a throw-away society. Through the use of smart innovative technology, our goal is working towards a future that educates people towards striving for a greener, cleaner planet, now.Why not join us?

Our industry knowledge and understanding is steeped in over a decade of experience in print management software. Wouldn’t you like to see how you can save money and increase productivity with the world’s  best software solutions? Speak to Sales on 011 590-4444 or email sales@ecodas.co.za.