Output Manager

Enterprise Print Software

Business-critical printing you can count on, time after time

When your printers stop working, so does your business. But with Output Manager managing your critical business needs, critical documents print to the right place at the right time – time and time again.



Where availability meets security

The availability of printed documents can often make the difference between business moving and business stopping. That’s why organizations that rely on printed output rely on Output Manager. From loan applications and financial statements to bills and patient discharge forms, you can feel confident in the availability and security of your mission-critical jobs with secure print release, authorization and authentication options from Nuance Output Manager.

Output Manager: Ensure the availability and security of mission-critical jobs



The Benefits




Our secure information exchange platform ensures safe output and collection of printed documents at any network-attached device, helping you mitigate risk and meet regulatory compliance.



Does your business stop when your printer stops? Our software fixes output issues for employees before they happen through proactive monitoring of printers and print queues.


Cost containment

Track what your organization spends on printing to maximize the return on your investment – and minimize the total cost of printer ownership.



Achieve real-time transformation of data streams from legacy mainframe and non-Windows systems into contemporary line of business applications and print workflows.



Know exactly what happens at each printer with automatic, comprehensive tracking and reporting of every transaction.



Control device usage and modify behavior by centrally establishing rules for cost-effective printing.

Security & compliance

Stop the unauthorized flow of sensitive information
Whether stored digitally, at a printer or in transit, your mission-critical documents must be protected. Output Manager ensures that only authorized individuals can print and access printed information – helping your organization maintain internal security policies and external compliance regulations at all times. By automating the printing of sensitive documents and requiring audit trails of all print activity, your organization can reduce the risk of manual errors or misuse that may result in data breaches.
Source: Ponemon Institute (March 2014, Fourth Annual Benchmark Study on Patient Privacy & Data Security)


90% of surveyed organizations had at least one security breach in the past year


38% had more than five data security incidents


Data breaches cost organizations $2 million over two years, on average


Enterprise output

Print mission-critical documents to the right place at the right time
Simply put, your print jobs must print out correctly every time. Output Manager seamlessly transforms and delivers print streams from line of business systems so every mission-critical job is securely printed – when and where you need it.
How it works:
  • Normalizes incompatible document formats from any platform or application
  • Redirects print jobs to the most cost-effective MFP or printer
  • Provides failover workflows and automatic alerts of job interruptions