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Document Management Solutions


Are you ready to increase efficiency in your business?

For document-intensive companies of all sizes, Square 9® Softworks develops business solutions that drive increased productivity across all departments and applications through an award-winning document management suite.

As an Authorized Square 9 Reseller, Document Accounting Solutions (DAS) delivers the unique tools that streamline process performance to save you both time and money.

Easily adopted to automate any paper-intensive areas of business, Square 9’s solutions eliminate inefficiencies in Accounts Payable processes, Human Resources paperwork, Contracts Management and more. Contact ustoday to get started!


Enterprise Content Management Software


This easy-to-use solution is customizable to address specific pain points, eliminating inefficiencies while increasing productivity and workflow. From storage issues, disorganization, ineffective collaboration and more, you will no longer have to worry about paper-based processes disrupting your organizations day to day activities. Hiring employees, paying invoices and managing different departments can make running a business challenging, but finding the right document management solution can make all the difference.

GlobalSearch Enterprise Content Management (ECM) software enables you to save both time and money, contributing to the overall growth and success of your business while also:

  • Increasing Productivity
  • Ensuring Business Continuity
  • Supporting Regulatory Compliance
  • Building Effective Collaboration

Organizations of all sizes and industries can now efficiently manage the creation, capture, indexing, storage and retrieval of digital records and business information, taking your business to the next level.

The result is a streamlined flow of business information in areas like:

  1. Accounts Payable Automation
  2. Accounts Receivable Management
  3. Human Resources Onboarding
  4. Contract Collaboration
  5. And more...

By automating your paper-intensive tasks, Square 9’s GlobalSearch solution will increase efficiency across all areas of business and tackle even the greatest of business challenges, giving your organization the competitive advantage it’s been looking for.


Document Capture Automation Software


Designed to capture, validate and classify high volumes of multi-formatted documents, GlobalCapture converts valuable data into actionable information. Whether you’re working with scanned images, emails, attachments, faxes and more, the overflow of information you receive daily can be overwhelming.

Feed the engine of process automation and easily share data from your documents across the enterprise. With GlobalCapture scanning power, organizations can map document processes on a drag and drop design canvas, and define each step of transformation with the added benefits of:

  • Easily Configured Scalability
  • Powerful Email Processing
  • MFP Integration
  • Advanced Data Extraction
  • And more…

By defining each step of document transformation, capture automation can improve the timeliness and availability of your business information, providing insight, and driving efficiency, allowing you to make smarter decisions. So, take away the stress of manual data entry and allow your organization to work with a greater level of intelligence with Square 9’s GlobalCapture.

Business Process Automation


With its graphical approach, GlobalAction creates and maintains a variety of workflow processes. Providing in depth visibility into productivity, GlobalAction gives users the power to design end-to-end visual representations of business processes that are ready for automation.

Large volumes of paperwork can become hard to manage, but with business process automation, organizations can scale up their productivity by automating repetitive business processes. Whether you want to schedule notification reminders or integrate and access data the moment it’s captured, business process automation provides great visualization of the entire process no matter where you are.

Web Forms Management


Put the power of web form creation at your fingertips with GlobalForms from Square 9. With the ability to create rich and dynamic web-based forms, organizations can eliminate inefficient paper-based processes by improving the quality of captured information, gathering only the relevant data needed.

By streamlining the collected data it keeps employees and customers from filling out repetitive information. From expense reports to employee onboarding applications, patient registrations and more, GlobalForms allows companies to create unique, web-based forms that will index and stores every form submitted and follow everyday schedules.

Documents In, Knowledge Out


There’s a world of information in your documents. Square 9 Softworks’ complete platform of solutions enables you to capture, extract and classify that information, transforming it into usable intelligence that lets you work smarter, faster and more productively.